Your Checklist For Moving Houses

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Even the most transient among us can make mistakes when it comes to moving house. We’ve got you covered at Brisbane Furniture Relocation Specialists with this helpful checklist to help you plan your next big move.


Six weeks from moving day


– Make sure you have a removalist locked in to get the date you’re hoping for.

– Hire a handyman for those odd jobs you need to get fixed before leaving your old house.

– Book secure storage if you’re downsizing or not sure of your new house layout just yet.

– Buy your packing gear so you can get started. You can never have too many boxes, tubs, tape and bubble wrap when moving house.


One month before moving day


– Start packing! Try to tackle things you won’t need as often first and pack smarter, not harder. Kitchens are always frustrating, so if you can get by using a few plates, pans and glasses for a few weeks, it will save you plenty of frustration later on.

– Apply for leave from work if needed, and make sure you give your boss plenty of notice.

– Confirm with the real estate agent your moving date and lock in a time to hand back the keys to either the new owners or your rental agency.


Two weeks from moving day


– Keep packing!

– Confirm the time and date with your removalist

– Notify all utility companies

– Begin notifying your accounts of the address change. This includes your bank, employer, the electoral roll and a mail redirection for all the additional subscriptions you might forget about.


One week from moving day


– Finish your packing!

– Label your boxes and organise them by rooms for the new house to ensure a speedy move

– Do a full spring clean of your old house, or hire professional cleaners

– Confirm specifics with your removalist including the old and new address, a final quote, contact numbers, insurance requirements, and payment options.

– Keep essentials like passports, important documents, a set of bedding and towels, and an outfit for the next day ready so you’re not spending hours frantically trying to find something the night after a long move.

– Defrost the freezer and clean the fridge.


Chat with our friendly staff today to see if there’s anything else we could do to help make your move as efficient as possible.

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