Truck size information

Here at Brisbane Furniture Relocation Specialists, we have a range of

truck sizes

in our fleet to cater to the various requirements of our residential and commercial customers. Our vehicles are designed to handle relocations and removals and can transport items of all shapes and sizes. On this page, we'll give you a quick run through of our most common vehicle sizes to give you a better idea of what you need:

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Choosing the right truck capacity

4point5 tonne (20m3) truck
Ideal for furniture removal and for helping those with one or two bedroom homes move, our 4.5 tonne truck has 20m3 of storage capacity and is manned by two experienced movers. If you require more help, please see our extra labour page for more information. For use of our 4.5 tonne truck, we charge $50 per half an hour plus GST.

11 tonne truck (50m3)">office relocations where more equipment needs to be moved than. Our 11 tonne truck is staffed by two men – although there is an option to add another – and costs $60 per half an hour plus GST. The truck capacity is 50m3, so maybe the better option if you think you have lots of items to move.

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