Items Most Likely to be Left Behind When Moving

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There are a million things running through your mind when it comes to moving, so it’s no surprise that some cupboards don’t get a look in. Our removalists will remind you to do a final check of your house to avoid missing anything.




Keeping daily medication and skincare in the medicine cabinet until the morning of the move is sometimes unavoidable, which means once the removalists arrive they can easily be forgotten. Remember to check beside the toilet for the bowl cleaner and any cleaning products.




Your kitchen has plenty of cupboards and drawers full of things to be packed, so it should be no surprise then that often we skip a drawer and leave behind a few pots and pans. Plan ahead by packing the kitchen with plenty of time to spare so that you don’t leave any expensive crockery behind.




We all keep a little secret stash somewhere, so remember to grab yours before moving out, otherwise the next tenants will be greeted with a nice surprise and you’ll be out of pocket!


Gardening tools


Hoses are a common item that’s often forgotten about. While apartments or high rise tenants don’t have to worry about this, homeowners often forget about their outside equipment. Gardening tools and even lawn mowers can be forgotten about in the rush. Remember to have a walkthrough of the backyard and garden shed before sending your removalists on their way. If you’re moving somewhere that maybe doesn’t have a lawn, chances are your neighbours will be happy to take your stuff off your hands. Just ask them.


Spare key


Do you have a hidden spare key tucked away somewhere? Maybe it’s in a secret plastic rock in the garden, or under a loose brick? Before you move, make sure you grab that sneaky key so it’s not left out, especially if you’re renting. One missing key could set you back hundreds if your landlord needs to replace them.


To make sure you don’t have to double back for anything you’re missing, double check your office or apartment before handing over your keys once and for all.

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