How to Pack for a Storage Unit

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Packing for a storage unit is difficult, but the right methods and planning can make it a simple decision. Whether you’re packing for short term or long term storage, organisation is key when it comes to creating an optimised storage unit. Follow these tips to help maximise efficiency.


  1. Know the space you need


Storage units come in a variety of sizes. Before booking your size, it’s a good idea to go have a look at your local storage unit in person to plan for the right size and know the measurements you’re working with. This way, you can perfectly organise what you need.


  1. Get packing


Get together all your packing materials and figure out what will be going into storage. Make sure all your boxes are labelled properly and clearly so you don’t mix up any of your boxes, especially if you’re moving house at the same time as moving things into storage.


  1. Stocktake your items


It might take a little bit of extra time, but make an inventory of everything going into the storage unit. This will save you huge amounts of time in the long run as you’ll be able to check your list and find exactly what you’re looking for. Just remember to update the list each time you add and remove things from the storage unit.


  1. Stack from the back


How you layout your storage unit is crucial in making the most of the space. Start with big furniture and large boxes, and stack from the back. Place items you’re unlikely to use in corners and keep things you might be accessing more regularly towards the front of the unit. Placing taller items against the walls of your unit is also a handy tip to make it easier to see what’s inside at a glance.

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