How Not to Pack Your Items/Boxes

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July 30, 2018
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Moving boxes full on floor of empty home

Moving boxes full on floor of empty home

There can be nothing worse than trying to pack all your possessions in anticipation of moving house. It can be considered one of the worst jobs in the world! There are many common mistakes people make when packing. By avoiding these mistakes, you could save yourself a great deal of time and stress.


Not labelling your boxes

It’s all well and good to have everything packed nicely away in boxes but this isn’t any good if you don’t label the box with what’s in it and which room it needs to go into. By not labelling boxes properly, you run the risk of having to open every single box in your new home just to find a water glass! While you’re packing and labelling your boxes, create an inventory so you know exactly what you’re transporting.


Not protecting your things

While your goods may not seem fragile, if they are just placed in a box and rattle around during the move, this could cause damage to your items. Wrap your items in bubble wrap before storing them in boxes to help reduce any damage. It is also worth checking out if there are specific boxes for certain items like pot plants and clothing.


Packing and moving all your belongings

Moving house can be a great opportunity to de-clutter, so rather than pack everything you own, take the time to go through things and if you no longer need or want it, get rid of it. At Brisbane Furniture Relocation Specialists we can remove your bulky, unwanted items for you. This will save you time and space.


Not insuring your valuables

While you should be able to trust your removalist, things happen. Items go missing, boxes get lost in transit and things can break. By insuring your valuables, you are covered for any loss or damage to your goods. There are insurance brokers that specialise in moving insurance. Make sure you read the policy carefully so you know exactly what you’re insured for and what your excess is if you need to use your insurance policy.


Using rubbish bags to move your clothing

While this seems like an easy and cost effective solution to moving your clothes, consider how your clothes will look by the end of the move. Rubbish bags can tear and ultimately cause your clothes to get damaged. Consider boxes designed specifically for moving clothes or even consider space bags to minimise the space used. There are so many different types of packing materials available there’s no excuse for not packing correctly. Ask your mover for help with supplies if necessary.

While these seem like little things, by avoiding these simple mistakes you can make your move so much easier and cost-effective.

Thinking of moving and need some extra help? Reach out and speak to a member of our talented moving team to find out how we can help!


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