Schools and Libraries

Here at Brisbane Furniture Relocation Specialists, residential and commercial moves and furniture deliveries are our bread and butter, but we can also help with more specialist requirements, such as  

library and school moves


Treating school moves with respect and care

These types of moves often come with their own special requirements. How do you move hundreds, or even thousands of books, from point A to point B, and ensure they're easy to catalogue and re-classify at the other end, for example?
Many removal firms will simply treat your move like any other, but we've had lots of experience working with schools and libraries undergoing moves in the past, so we know just what it is you need.

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With you from start to finish

If you need to relocate your school or library, be reassured that we can undertake the whole relocation for you from start to finish. We’ll make sure all your supplies and books are packed correctly and all furniture and fixtures are moved with the utmost care and attention.
If you want to pack everything yourself, that’s fine: we’ll just move you to your new location. We have the correct specialist equipment to move your school or library efficiently.
We know it’s important to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum, so we’ll work efficiently to have you up and running again in no time. We'll also give you a detailed quote up front, so you know what you're paying. No hidden fees.
Trust us to get your library or school move done!

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