A Checklist for Moving Offices

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November 30, 2018
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Moving to a new office or commercial building makes moving homes seem like a walk in the park. From managing staff, to keeping track of office equipment, there’s a lot of moving parts to an office relocation. This handy checklist will help you plan your office move with ease.


Two months out from move day


– Contact removalists for quotes. Moving an office is a massive task that more often than not will require a group of reliable removalists to tackle the job.

– Arrange for phone and internet access to be set up at the new building

– Lock in a cleaning agency to clear the old office ready for the next tenant

– Buy any furniture upgrades for the new office


One month from moving day


– Plan out the layout for the new office

– Contact any vendors or customers about the upcoming change in address

– Let staff know what is expected of them such as what they need to pack themselves

– Conduct an inventory check to ensure all equipment is accounted for

– Obtain packing supplies including boxes, tape, containers and bubble wrap

– Confirm the time and date with your booked removalist


One week from moving day


– Confirm specifics with your removalist including the old and new address, a final quote, contact numbers, insurance requirements, and payment options

– Pack up desk spaces

– Check and clean cupboards and storage areas

– Clean out the office fridge and kitchen area

– Don’t book in interviews or meetings for the week of the move unless necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly

– Delegate tasks to employees and give clear instructions on packing. This includes numbering and labeling all boxes clearly.

– Organise which staff will help removalists on moving day to ensure things go to the right area


Every office will have different and specific needs. With plenty of planning and preparation, you can keep the stress to a minimum. Contact us today for more information on what to keep an eye on for commercial moves.

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